Officers and Committee

Sir Alan Haselhurst President
Bob Wood Chairman
David Barrs Vice-Chairman
James Billing Secretary M: 07769731284
Steve Atherton Treasurer
Trevor Eaton District Squads
Nigel Robins Youth Leagues
Paul Elby CWO and Groundsman Assoc.
Paul Baxter Sponsorship and Disabled Cricket
Nick Down Head Coach
Jack Elston Schools Cricket (Harlow)
Graham Pryke ECCB Development Manager
Nick Down Head Coach T:01371875009 M:07976291585
Iain Twinn U11 Manager T:01376339963 M:07535241656
Kevin Duers U13 Manager T:01799528316 M:07578364078
Nigel Tegg U15 Manager T:01799502123 M:07742956581
Ben Marks PDG Manager T: M:07908077158
Paul Elby Child Welfare Officer T: M:07962499994
Individuals emails are in the WEDCB
handbook, or
Essex CCB
Graham Pryke Cricket Development Manager
West, North and Central
Dan Feist Head of Cricket Operations
Graham Jelley Admin Secretary and
Cricket Development Manager